Teacher Training Workbook

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ISBN: 978-1-931181-20-4
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  • Manuscript & Cursive Letter & Number Models
  • Stroke Descriptions
  • Common Problems & Corrective Techniques
  • Elements of Legibility
  • Learning & Teaching Styles
  • Teaching Left-Handers the Right Way
  • Determining Hand Dominance
  • Handwriting & Early Literacy Development
  • Handwriting in Early Childhood Curriculum
  • Practice Space
  • And More!
Learn every aspect of handwriting instruction! Models and detailed stroke descriptions are provided for all manuscript and cursive uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.
Developed for teachers and college/university students, this workbook includes common problems and corrective techniques, learning and teaching styles, elements of legibility, handwriting in early childhood curriculum, and more!


  • 176 Pages
  • 11" X 8½” Workbook
Signed Certificate of Completion:
Send in your writing sample (form included in book) for the author to review and receive a signed Certificate of Completion!