Nursery Rhyme Time

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ISBN: 978-1-931181-98-3
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Grade Pre-K, K
  • Teach sounds, letters, words, & beginning phonics!
  • Model reading, fluency, & comprehension!
  •  Children's Nursery Rhymes!

This easy-to-use workbook, based on children’s favorite nursery rhymes, provides a treasure chest of activities for teaching research-based literacy concepts such as phonetic awareness, onsets and rimes, and the voice-to-print match.

Each lesson uses the context of the nursery rhyme to create fun literacy-building activities. Use the lessons to model important literacy concepts or to have children explore literacy concepts on their own.

  • 16 Nursery Rhymes
  • Easy-to-Follow Parent/Teacher Instructions
  • Manuscript Alphabet
  • Targeted Letter Pages
  • Sound Pages
  • Word Pages
  • Trace & Write
  • Coloring


  • 72 Pages
  • 8 ½” X 11 Workbook