Mathematical Reasoning Journal

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ISBN: 978-1-931181-97-6

Recommended for Grades 3-8

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Sections include:

  • Write out the question/facts
  • Construct a visual representation of the problem using charts and/or graphs
  • List math concepts and terms from the lesson and integrate them into a constructive response
  • Explain the approach and solution in writing
  • Apply the solution to another problem

Includes Estimation Box!

Special Note:

Recommended for Grades 3-8

Students utilize a 5-step approach to solving math problems in this journal. Helps students to organize their thoughts and enhance their understanding of complex mathematical processes. Ideal resource for student reference and teacher assessment! Specifications:
  • 80 Pages
  • 8 ½” X 11” Workbook
  • 1 cm Graph Paper
  • 3/8” Writing Lines