Math Journal Book B

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ISBN: 978-1-931181-48-8

Recommended for Grades 4-8

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Grade 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Using a three-step approach, students explore and further understand the steps they took to get to the solution of different math problems. This journal includes the following sections:

  • Symbolic-Algebraic
  • Writing
  • Visual-Numerical
Special Note:

Recommended for Grades 4-8

Students form a deeper conceptual understanding of complex mathematical concepts using a three-step process. In the symbolic-algebraic section, students use the blank space to write out and solve math problems. In the writing section, students use the writing lines to describe the mathematical process and explain their approach and solution in writing. In the visual-numerical section, students use the graph paper to draw diagrams, graphs, or charts to solve the problem. Specifications:
  • 80 Pages
  • 8½” X 11” Workbook
  • 1/4” Graph Paper
  • 3/8” Writing Lines