Manuscript AlphamationPlus

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Pre-K - 2

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This is a one-school-year subscription. Access expires in June of each year.
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Grade Pre-K, K, 1, 2

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Receive FREE access to AlphamationPlus for one school year when you purchase 15 or more of the same eligible* handwriting workbook! Click here for details. Manuscript AlphamationPlus, our interactive handwriting instruction tool, demonstrates and verbalizes proper letter formation stroke by stroke.

  • See: Each basic stroke, letter, and numeral includes an animation that demonstrates proper formation. Pause and restart the animation to discuss different parts of the letter.
  • Trace: Letter models on writing lines allow students to practice before writing independently. Students can erase and trace the letter as many times as needed.
  • Write: Blank writing lines with a dot that shows where to begin the letter allow students to write the letters independently.
  • Evaluate: After writing a letter independently, students can turn on the letter model and evaluate their work. Their own writing is visible above the model so they can self-correct as they continue to practice.

* Eligible handwriting workbooks include the following series: Universal Handwriting, Writing Our Catholic Faith, or Writing for Learning.

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Special Note: This is a one-school-year subscription. Access expires in June of each year.
This interactive digital handwriting instruction tool makes teaching handwriting easier than ever!