About Us

Our Mission

Since 2001, Universal Publishing has provided educators with materials and resources to help students develop one of the most valuable learning tools they can possess: fluent and functional handwriting.

Research proves that writing by hand increases both retention and comprehension of information—put simply, writing by hand helps students learn. Our goal is to provide educators and students across the nation with affordable tools and resources that enhance academic success.

At Universal Publishing, we strongly believe that every student has a right to learn how to write. We are proud to provide affordable materials that help students learn to write by hand so they can write to learn across the curriculum.

We offer handwriting programs, language arts journals and workbooks, math and science journals, and a variety of resources for educators.

Covers of books from the Universal Handwriting, Universal la escritura, Writing Our Catholic Faith, and Writing for Learning series

Our Handwriting Programs

We know how busy teachers are, so all of our programs are designed to keep handwriting instruction as simple and efficient as possible. We offer four complete handwriting programs:

Each program provides focused, sequential handwriting lessons, from building writing readiness skills to mastering manuscript and cursive writing.

We also offer a variety of support materials to assist your students not only during handwriting lessons but as they write throughout the day.


AlphamationPlus makes handwriting instruction easier than ever! This interactive online teaching tool demonstrates and verbalizes proper letter formation stroke by stroke. It’s touchscreen compatible, so students can trace and write letters and numerals and then check their work.

AlphamationPlus is FREE for qualifying orders. Learn more here!

Our Author

Universal Publishing’s handwriting programs are written by internationally recognized handwriting instruction expert and master penman Thomas M. Wasylyk. With nearly 40 years of experience in the field of handwriting instruction, Mr. Wasylyk has dedicated his career to helping students learn to write by hand.  His mission is to provide educators and students with handwriting programs that are both effective and affordable.

Prior to starting his own publishing company, Mr. Wasylyk served as Zaner-Bloser’s author, editor, and penman. This background, as well as his work with educators through his professional development workshops and his ongoing participation with IAMPETH (International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting), make Mr. Wasylyk uniquely qualified to develop handwriting instruction materials.  He continually works to ensure that the methodology of his handwriting programs reflects not only the latest research, but also the needs of educators and their students.