Universal Publishing's Handwriting Contest

It is with regret that we announce Universal Publishing will not be hosting

a 2017 National Handwriting Contest.

We know this news will be disappointing to many teachers and students who have come to look forward to our annual contest. Many factors went into this difficult decision, but in the end, we realized that this is a necessary choice for this year.

Please know that our intention is not to permanently end the contest! There are many changes happening at Universal Publishing as we grow and expand, and, in the long run, those changes will certainly be for the better. We expect to reinstate our National Handwriting Contest in 2018.

We hope that our ongoing efforts will make your school’s participation in the 2018 National Handwriting Contest a more enjoyable and efficient experience for both teachers and students. In the meantime, we have put together packets for teachers who would like to have their own classroom handwriting contests - see below to download your classroom packets!

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of handwriting!