Cursive AlphamationPlus

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2 - 4

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This is a one-school-year subscription. Access expires in June of each year.
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Grade 2, 3, 4

Special Offer! Receive FREE access to AlphamationPlus for one school year when you purchase 15 or more of the same eligible* handwriting workbook! Learn more and try a demo. Cursive AlphamationPlus, our interactive handwriting instruction tool, demonstrates and verbalizes proper letter formation stroke by stroke.

  • See: Each basic stroke, letter, and numeral includes an animation that demonstrates proper formation. Special joining animations show students how to connect cursive letters. Pause and restart the animation to discuss different parts of the letter.
  • Trace: Letter models on writing lines allow students to practice before writing independently. Students can erase and trace the letter as many times as needed.
  • Write: Blank writing lines with a dot that shows where to begin the letter allow students to write the letters independently.
  •  Evaluate: After writing a letter independently, students can turn on the letter model and evaluate their work. Their own writing is visible above the model so they can self-correct as they continue to practice.

* Eligible handwriting books: Universal Handwriting, Writing Our Catholic Faith, or Writing for Learning.

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Special Note: This is a one-school-year subscription. Access expires in June of each year.
Description and short description: This interactive digital handwriting instruction tool makes teaching handwriting easier than ever!