An Online Interactive Handwriting Instruction Tool for Manuscript or Cursive

Available in English and Spanish

AlphamationPlus Manuscript
AlphamationPlus Cursive

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AlphamationPlus, our online interactive teaching tool, makes handwriting instruction easier than ever! AlphamationPlus demonstrates and verbalizes proper letter formation stroke by stroke. The program is touchscreen compatible, so students can trace and write letters and numerals and then check their work.

  • Students SEE and HEAR letters being formed stroke by stroke.
  • Students TRACE over a model of the letter being taught. They can erase and try again as many times as needed.
  • Students WRITE independently on writing lines and then bring the letter model back to self-evaluate their work.

Receive FREE access to AlphamationPlus for one school year when you purchase a classroom set* of eligible handwriting workbooks! Eligible books include:


* A classroom set = 15 or more of the same handwriting workbook.

Video Demonstrations

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